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Rug Cleaning

Rugs are a wonderful addition to a room. The bright and vibrant colors add an elegant look to any room. Over time though, rugs can lose that vibrant color if they are not periodically cleaned. Just like carpets, rugs are susceptible to having dust and dirt packed into the fibers. Regular vacuuming can help prevent this, but there reaches a point that a professional rug cleaning can make all the difference. Vacuuming helps remove any crumbs or dust on the very surface of your rug but many times foot traffic will push dust and dirt into the inner parts of the rug fibers. Rug cleaning can many times actually help restore the color of your rug by removing the dust that leaves it looking dull.

Heaven's Best is the top choice for rug cleaning because of our:

Extensive experience with Persian and Oriental rugs.

Flexibility - we can clean them in your home or take & return them.

Solution that is tough on the dirt but not on your rug.

Dry in an hour process.

Being Careful is Key with Rug Cleaning

Rugs are more complex to clean than carpets. With rugs, you must take into account things like whether they are Persian or Oriental, woven or glued. Fabric type is also important when deciding what cleaning solution or cleaning process to use.

With Heaven’s Best, you can rest assured that your rugs are taken care of. Our cleaning technicians are trained to identify the type of rug you own and the best method to clean them. By understanding fabric and glue types, we are able to thoroughly clean your rugs without causes any damage to them. Don’t take the risk of damaging your rugs, give Heaven’s Best Rug Cleaning a call and have us do the work for you!

Rug Cleaning Guarantee

We have extensive experience with Persian and Oriental rugs and we offer the flexibility of having your rugs cleaned in your home or we can take them and return them. We will preserve and protect your rugs and leave you satisfied with our work. Give us a call today at 336-339-4172 for a free estimate on any of our services.

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